Image credit: Stephan Seeber on Unsplash / CC0 / Public Domain.

From time to time, I have to be on my feet for the entire day for work. I work at a media company that makes video productions among other things. The reason I survive is because I have good shoes. 


Years ago, I went on a hiking vacation in Austria and needed some mountain shoes. The seller recommended Hanwag and they were perfect. So naturally, when the shoes eventually wore out, I got a new pair. This time I got the Alta Bunion Lady in blue. They look nice and they fit great.

Surviving Rome

When I had to go to Rome for a week, I wore the Hanwags again. We walked for the entire day with our equipment and as a bonus, Rome has seven hills. Since my home country is super flat, I wasn’t prepared for that. If I get lucky, I walk 8000 steps on a regular day at home. In Rome I walked 30.000 steps per day, while climbing hills, five days in a row. 

I was stunned to discover I could walk around fine with zero blisters and no pain whatsoever wearing regular socks. I only felt how sore my muscles were and how I couldn’t walk any stairs after taking the boots off. It was amazing!


The hanwag alta bunion lady gtx* boots are made of leather at the outside and are waterproof. Important for me is that the heels are flat. You can pick three colours, as far as I know: blue and two kinds of brown. Since these are boots, they can feel a bit heavy. As the name suggests, the shoes were designed for people with bunions, which I don’t have. I have extra wide feet, and the extra room works for me. 

The shoes have extra hooks to make sure the heel is immobilised. My foot has room in the front, but it can’t move back and forth. My weak ankles have enough support and the flexible insole with shock absorbers allows me to walk long distances without a lot of training. Highly recommend these shoes!

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