What is this about?

This blog contains articles and recipes that focus on ways to take better care of ourselves, our neighbours and the planet we live on based on personal experiences.

Taking better care of yourself

Modern life can be very stressful, the prevalence of mental health issues like depression, anxiety and burnout are rising in Western countries. As a result, a whole industry has risen, encouraging us into relaxation strategies, mindfulness and re-engineering our lives so we can most productive. How can I take make changes to improve both my physical health and my mental health? What works for me and what doesn’t?

Taking better care of our neighbours

Our societies have become harsher and colder, according to often-voiced criticism. Have we really become more distant to our neighbours and more self-centered? What can we do to be more inclusive? What can I do to make the small society of my neighbourhood and town a better place?

Taking better care of the planet we live on

In the past century humanity both has become more wealthy than in any time of history and more destructive to their own environment. There is 97% agreement among scientists that climate is changing and that humans are to blame for it. Is it too late to make a change? What can I do, in my personal life, to make a difference?


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