What is this about?

This blog contains articles I wrote out of my personal interest in the topics. It is a way for me to organise my thoughts. It is in no way offered as medical or psychological advice. If you experience medical or psychological complaints, please consult a doctor or therapist in your area.

As I write I found that my interests congregate in three main areas:

Wellness and selfcare

As they say, it takes one to know one. I took up studying psychology out of my personal interest. I wanted to understand the people surrounding me better, but as a survivor of complex PTSD, I also wanted to understand myself a bit better. In my articles I write about the things I’ve discovered, what helped me and what did not. My Master’s Thesis in Psychology (MSc) looks into the question whether sensory-processing sensitivity (SPS), also known highly sensitive (HSP) is a vulnerability factor or a individual resource in the workplace. For questions about this topic and my thesis, you can contact me through the contact form on my site.


I’ve been into environmentalism and planet-friendly behaviour as long as I can remember. I’m trying out new ways to reduce my carbon footprint and try out whatever comes on the market to help me with that. I will share my experiences, tips and tricks. I occasionally review products.

The fun things in life: friends, fun and fantasy

One shouldn’t take themselves too seriously, sometimes it’s also time to have fun with friends, relax and share joy. I love to cook, bake my own bread and cake, do some crafting on the side and when there is time left, I also enjoy good fantasy and SF-themed movies and TV series, travel around in Europe, mostly by train.


If you want to learn more, visit my bio. If you want to contact me, you can use the contact form.