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For some reason, you ended up at Donuts and Dragons, a personal blog by Inge Loots. During the day she works as a Community Manager for a small non-profit that makes multimedia productions. After work, she turns into her alter ego Golloreth, a female geek who also loves cooking and posting cat pictures on her social profiles.

On this blog, the topics range from recipes, books, (board) games to all sorts of entertainment. Mixed in are some self-improvement posts that chronicle  experiences trying to live a more healthy and balanced life, both physically and spiritually, everything from a European perspective.


If you want to learn more, visit the bio. If you want to contact her, you can use the contact form.

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About This Blog
Donut & Dragons is Inge Loots' personal blog focusing on popular culture, recipes and friendship. It gravitates towards her geeky passions, fantasy and science fiction.
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Inge Loots
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