Author: Golloreth

Super Low Carb Keto Bread

This keto-bread is also gluten-free. A typical loaf only has 40g carbs and yields 20 slices. It only has 2g carbs per slice, -2g net carbs, if you use that metric! On top of that, it’s VERY easy to make!

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Review: Lifesum for iOS

Lifesum is a Swedish app that helps you lose weight by giving instant feedback on your food choices. After gaining 40 kg in the course of three years, I now feel confident that I can become myself again.

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Eco Household Cleaners

My effort making my life greener started at my kitchen cupboard. Do we really need all those aggressive cleaning products that are advertised to us? I found an affordable line of eco-friendly products that work just as well.

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