I never had a Code of Conduct on my blog before. I always thought that the idea of ‘being nice to one another’ is a no-brainer.
In recent years, I have run into a peculiar ‘guilty by association mindset’. Some people are very good at making bold assumptions based on very little actual information and use that to pigeon-hole other people.
Depending on the label people get, they are either good or bad. And when people are ‘bad’, they can be viciously attacked. Therefore…

Comment Rules

You are more than welcome to comment on this website. You are welcome to disagree with my opinions or with other people’s. But you must do so in a respectful and civilized manner. Voicing criticism is fine, but do it in a constructive way. Explain why you don’t agree and offer a better alternative.  Be charitable and you’re fine.

What I don’t want to see are personal attacks (‘ad hominems’) of any kind, including name calling, slurs and gossip, flame-baits and swearing. These kind of things ruin the atmosphere and often lead to a very quick escalation of arguments. There is more than enough negativity in the world already, let’s counter it with positivism!

Comments that don’t follow the rules I’ve established above will be deleted without prior notice. I consider this section of the page to be your notice. When you comment, I assume you’re agreeing with the boundaries I’ve set.

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Comment Policy
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Comment Policy
A short overview of my code of conduct. If you comment on this blog, I assume you agree with the Comment Policy.
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