There is a reason why we can’t have nice things and it’s called human nature. Since we are all human, we need guidelines to establish a positive atmosphere. I have opened the comboxes and shared my social media links with you because I like your input and enjoy having open and transparent conversations. In order to make it safe for everyone, I have established some rules. These rules apply to both my blog and my social media.

Comment Rules

You are more than welcome to comment on my content. I even invite you to disagree with my opinion. But you must do so in a respectful and civilised manner. Voicing criticism is fine, but do it in a constructive way. Explain why you don’t agree and offer a better alternative.  Be charitable and you’re fine. Just pretend you’re a guest at my birthday party.

What I don’t want to see are personal attacks (‘ad hominem’) of any kind, including abusive language, gossiping, posting flame-baits and swearing. You must also refrain from referencing politics and controversial topics.

I apply these rules to myself, too. There is a time and place for these conversations and sadly the internet isn’t the best place for this.

Comments that don’t follow the rules I’ve established above will be deleted without prior notice. I consider this section of the page to be your notice. When you comment, I assume you’re agreeing with the boundaries I’ve set.