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I don’t give permission to re-publish my content full-length, the main reason for that is that Google’s page ranking algorithm punishes for duplicate content. It can’t determine which content is the original, so it will both hurt my and the other source’s ranking.

I do give permission to share excerpts of my posts, with a maximum of 20% of the post’s length, on other websites and social networks provided that you link back to the page where it came from.


The images used on this blog are either my own photos and Canva creations or third party images via Morguefile, FlickrPixabay and Unsplash. External images are either licensed public domain or creative commons, with the exception of reviews.

I sometimes use logos and images from other sources as part of my blog posts. I always state the source and link back to the original, using it under the exceptions and limitations of the EU Copyright Directive. Examples of this usage are reviews and commentaries where the images are used as an integral part of the article.

I try to link back to the source wherever I can, even when it’s not needed, so it’s clear where content comes from. My own images are watermarked and intended for usage on this blog only. You can’t link to them from here or re-upload them to your site or social media.

If you find an image you think doesn’t belong here, please contact me, and I will look into the issue.